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Refer to the "About Kernowfleek" page on our site for who/where/why we are :)

This is due to a minimum base postage cost for an item which is because of weight and size, then per item the package is heavier and bigger, so the charge increases.

Between St. Ives & Helston in Cornwall, England. Amazing county, you should visit!

This is due to being such a new, and small company, that we do not yet have the setup for storage of everything, and our supplier is so good, they manufacture the items to order, and will ship them for us, to ensure the process runs smoothly and without issue

This is because we imagine most have mass bought stock which they then hold to be able to instantly ship out, we have it made fresh to order, meaning that our manufacturer will get the order, set up the print files etc, produce the products, package them, then ship them. Unlike most companies who will just get the order, pick it from their shelving and post.

Customer reports are saying 4 days usual time right now .

100% Yes. we use Paypal as a secure means of payment, for the customer and us. Paypal being a third party who is tried and tested means we both get a better deal. 

Our other provider is Stripe, for debit, credit, android and apple pay transactions. If you wish to know more, give them a google!

If it is faulty, return it to us and we can replace it or refund it no quibbles.

Kernow is Cornish for Cornwall. Fleek is urban slang for extremely good, attractive or stylish, being top of your game! put them together and you have Cornwallstyle essentially, and that the ethos here, to bring Kernow inspired designs, which are stylish and and attractive to the consumer (you).